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Randy Snider Wins First Place State Award and Rating

In 2001, 11 year old Randy Snider wins not only a first place rating but wins first in state for his history and social studies efforts.



Randy drives for the first time - 2001

In 2001, 11 year old Randy Snider learns to drive for the very first time. He's driving a vintage 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme down in the country.



Randy goes for a ride! - March 16, 1992

The video shows a typical day when Randy rides around town with family and having fun.



Randy plays in water fountain! - March 16, 1992

Randy Snider walks around and plays in a water fountain at what used to be the Hollis Eye Institute.



Randy Snider - Reporter on the Scene!

Randy is given a microphone for the first time and takes to it like a natural. He would make a very good reporter on the scene! He gives us a brief tour of the grounds and reports on all the news!



The Birth of Thomas Randall Snider - January 23, 1990

The birth of a beautiful life. Thomas Randall Snider was born on this day, January 23, 1990. He gave us great joy in his short life. But on August 19, 2005, his life was taken by Cystic Fibrosis.



Randy Snider's Ultrasound - August 30, 1989

The beginning of the life of Randy Snider. He brought us much joy and left us too quickly.



Randy is a good boy for Christmas!

Randy Snider tells us that he's a good boy for Christmas and will get lots of presents
and not a bag a switches! December 1992.



Randy Flies Through the Air!

Little Randy Snider enjoys flying through the air with help from his "Faw Faw". 1992



Randy the Roving Reporter gives doggie an interview!

Little Randy Snider visits visits his family in May of 1992. We hand him the microphone and he gladly gives us a tour of the property, including an interview with the neighbor's doggie! And he's quite a natural as a reporter and really shows his talents. He says "hello" and wants to go with the doggie. He loves talking on the microphone so much that he won't give the microphone back!



Randy Snider tells that Porsche 959, "GO GO GO"!

Randy is enthralled with a radio controled Porsche 959. It goes really fast
and stops until Randy tells it to GO!



Randy Snider gives a big airplane a hug and a headbutt!

Little Randy Snider visits the Warner Robbins Museum of Aviation at the age of 3 in early 1993. Across the field of retired military aircraft, he sees a Lockheed C-130 Hercules, which is a four-engine turboprop transport. He thinks it looks "sad" and decides that the Hercules needs a hug to "feel better". After hugging the C-130 transport's massive wheel well, Randy then decides to give it "head butt" for good measure, which is something he loved to do. Upon reflection, he decides that the Hercules "feels better"! Precious and priceless.



Randy Snider gives a hug and a headbutt to another big airplane!

This time, 3 year old Randy Snider sees a large, twin-engine Fairchild C-123 Provider at the Warner Robbins Museum of Aviation and thinks the large military transport is mad at him becuase the aircraft has a "mean face". But eventually, Randy is convinced that a hug and a headbutt is just what the tired old aircraft needed. Sure enough, the airplane smiles! So do we!



Northside High School Abor Day, 2006

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Video 7 •  Video 8 •  Video 9 •  Video 10 •  Video 11

Randy's Grandfather "Faw Faw" purchased a digital video camera for him during Christmas, 2004.
In 2004 and 2005, Randy took images of family, friends and his favorite things.

Randy Snider Videos

Guitar-1:   December, 2004

Guitar-2:   December, 2004

Popcorn:   December, 2004

Randy and Friends at School 1:   December, 2004.

Randy and Friends at School 2:   December, 2004.

Randy and Friends at School 3:   December, 2004.

Truth:   March 12, 2005.

Gina and Max:   March 12, 2005

Randy's Sister and Friend at his Dad's House 1:   March 12, 2005.

Randy's Sister and Friend at his Dad's House 2:   March 12, 2005.

El Camino 1 at his Dad's House 1:   March 12, 2005.

El Camino 1 at his Dad's House 2:   March 12, 2005.

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